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to going towork at the Department of Social Services.  While at work that day I was talking to my coworker and asked her to come to the ladies room with me where I asked her to look at my
breast and tell me what she thought it was. When she looked at the lump she replied, “I’m not sure, but you should have it checked out.”

I went back to my desk and called my doctor who gave me an appointment a month away. I tried to get one sooner and I explained to her about my lump, but she still would not give me
an earlier appointment. I was really upset. I talked to my supervisor who was also a breast cancer survivor. My supervisor then got on the phone and called my doctor, who scheduled my
appointment in one week. (Thank you, God.)

So I went to my appointment the next week. After the doctor looked at my breast, she sent me to have an ultrasound that same week. I then had to have a biopsy done. This time my
husb and went with me to the appointment. The doctor told me he had to take a piece of the skin from my right breast. He numbed me and told me that I was not going to feel it that
much. My husband held my hand and said, “You will be fine.” I don’t know if the doctor failed to numb me enough or not, but when he put that needle in me I screamed so loud. That
was the most painful thing I had ever felt! I thank God my husband was there for me then. The doctor said I would hear from him in two
weeks. I was nervous the whole time.

I went home and found the strength to tell my family, including my mother, my daughter, my aunt Sue and her family. They all supported me and kept me strong. They then let the
rest of my family know. In two weeks I got the results and learned that I had cancer in my right breast. After that I was scheduled for surgery in January. After my surgery I
took off work six months for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The whole time my husband and my family were there for me. I thank God for their support. I returned to
work in June 2005. I was cancer free! To God Be the Glory! I am now 10 years cancer free.

I’m a member of Pitts Chapel Unified Free Will Baptist Church. Bishop Elijah Davis is my Pastor. I serve my God faithfully. He has been good to my family and I throughout all
the years of my life. My mother, Mattie Little, was also a breast cancer survivor and was featured in May of the 2015 Calendar. On July 11, 2015 she transitioned to life ever after,
losing her battle to another cancer. She would have been 89 on December 9, 2015. That’s how good God is. I could never thank God enough. I will always praise my God. Thank
you, Lord!