Yvette Patterson

It was mid-August 2009 when I went in for my routine yearly mammogram. I had no concerns, just keeping up with appointments and getting ready
for a new school year. A couple of days after my mammogram, I got a call from my gynecologist saying he wanted me to have a biopsy on my right
breast. I still did not panic, just thought it was an anomaly, but nothing to worry about as I had had one before in the left breast and it was nothing.
However, this time turned out differently. I received a call a few days later that it was the “Big C” – breast cancer.

Of course, my first thoughts were this can’t be happening to me. I’m only 47, my children are young, I have so much more to do, and I am not ready
to die. There were tears, questions, and fear throughout my family.

However, after my first reaction, I had a long talk with God and He let me know in my spirit that everything was going to be alright. I just had to
follow the course. So even when the cancer was found in a lymph node during my lumpectomy, I did not let fear be my guide. I kept my faith in
God and in His using my doctors to heal me.

I went through surgery, 12 rounds of chemotherapy, and six weeks of  radiation. This was followed by five years of Arimedex oral therapy and
Lupron shots. Throughout this time, I had ups and downs, but I kept a positive attitude knowing that God had me.

I continued to work full time as a teacher, and also in the music ministry at Messiah Baptist Church. Through all of the challenges, aches, and pains,
my family and church family supported me and by the Grace of God, I am 15 years cancer free!


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