Linda White-Epps

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It was really hard to hear the words-you have cancer. I had already lost a very dear friend to the disease, and then I was being told I had breast cancer. Of course, my entire family pulled in even closer. My Dad was right there. All four brothers and my sister joined my mom in the circle of support that continues to surround me.

Special thanks to my children Dawn and George for their love and support. Back then, I just told the doctor-do everything you need to do while I am under. The surgery took 14 hours. I was sick when my first grandson, Dominique, was born seven years ago. My body may not be the most beautiful. But I am alive and well and enjoying life to the fullest. I am celebrating all the events, including the birth of my second grandson Donovan.

Every week, I fine other women who have experienced the same ordeal as I have. We are survivors! The Witness Project helps me share my success with other women like the ones you see on these calendar pages. We are women who can and wil testify to the glory of early detection and treatment. Check your breats every Month. Get an annual mammogram.

“We are women who can and will testify to the glory of early detection and treatment”