Sisters’ Journey is all about women telling their stories or their journey’s with breast cancer; in hopes of saving lives. Studies show that statistically more women of color will die from breast cancer than any other ethnic groups, even though the incident rates for some groups are higher. As an organization, we are advocating to lower that health disparity. If you are a woman of color, a breast cancer survivor and are interested in being in a future calendar, please contact us ….perhaps your story will offer hope to someone else.

  • 2024 Stories of Hope Calendar
  • 2023 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Presidents's Message

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  • 2022 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Even though we will not get together in person for another year, we will celebrate these 12 fabulous ladies on a billboard and on city buses throughout the state. So, be on the lookout!

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  • 2021 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Sisters' Journey Calendar

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  • 2020 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Sisters' Journey Celebrates it's 21st Calendar

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  • 2019 Stories of Hope Calendar


    For 20 years, Sisters’ Journey has been doing its part of “breaking the silence” – silence that refers to the cultural secrecy that exists in so many of our communities when someone is diagnosed with cancer and it was taboo to talk about.

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  • 2018 Stories of Hope Calendar


    This year we are excited to share stories with you not only of 11 courageous women but also, for the first time, a breast cancer survivor’s story from a male perspective.

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  • 2017 Stories of Hope Calendar


    This year we celebrate the courages stories of a diverse group of survivors.

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  • 2016 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Welcome to the 17th Annual Sister’ Journey Calendar unveiling!

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  • 2015 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Stories from our phenomenal survivors of 2015

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  • 2014 Stories of Hope Calendar


    The stories of our 2014 survivors.

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  • 2013 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Our amazing 2013 survivor stories.

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  • 2012 Stories of Hope Calendar


    The brave journeys of our 2012 survivors.

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  • 2011 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Today we will introduce you to another 12 extraordinary women.

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  • 2010 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Since its inception, the purpose has been to empower, support, inspire, educate, advocate and share to build bridges for women as we help them through their journey with breast cancer. Our Mission cont

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  • 2009 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Early detection is the key to saving lives, get screened… and as my mother has taught me – “BE AN ADVOCATE OF YOUR OWN BODY!”

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  • 2008 Stories of Hope Calendar


    We are celebrating the lives of 13 more Breast Cancer survivors – 13 more ambassadors ready to spread the word in the African American community that with early diagnosis and treatment you can increase your chances of survival.

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  • 2007 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Different faces, both familiar and not so well known, heralded new months for another year of life and the triumphs of good health care and the love of family and friends.

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  • 2006 Stories of Hope Calendar


    We are all connected – hence when one is sick and needs healing, then we all are accountable to help in the healing and supporting endeavor.

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  • 2005 Stories of Hope Calendar


    This calendar was more than just an idea, discussion, or topic that our mother liked to talk about. It was her passion! And every year once the calendar was complete, you would think she would be able to relax, but she would get started on the next year.

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  • 2004 Stories of Hope Calendar


    As we move along, turn the pages of this calendar. Think about the words from the 13 women featured in this year’s issue. Examine the similarities and differences in their journeys.

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  • 2003 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Below you will find twelve more women who have experienced the depths of discovering breast cancer. They all have had those startling moments when the doctor confirmed that it was cancer.

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  • 2002 Stories of Hope Calendar


    The women on the pages of this calendar for 2002 tell about their journeys, describe their discoveries of breast cancer and discuss the various treatments that followed.

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  • 2001 Stories of Hope Calendar


    You see, that is what this calendar is all about. Women of color are needlessly suffering the physical and emotional anguish that breast cancer brings to them and their families.

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  • 2000 Stories of Hope Calendar


    Stories of our phenomenal survivors of 2000.

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