Sister’s Journey continues to speak; we speak through faith, prayer, support, wisdom and knowledge we speak to the mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and friends who have gone on but are not forgotten we “Celebrate Their Lives and we Call Their Names” We recognize their strength, their endurance and their faith in themselves and the priceless example of their lives.


You trusted us, you trusted that we would make you proud, that we would carry the baton, that we would continue the fight for knowledge, support, and education, not exclusively but especially for women of color. You remain our inspiration and may we never forget why we continue, and so today;

“We Celebrate Your Life and we Call Your Name”

***Note: To read each Calendar Women’s inspirational story hover over the picture for the year and month they appeared in Sisters’ Journey Calendar, then go to calendars tab and find the calendar year of which the calendar woman appeared. ***