Minister Rosa White

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I was born on September 27, 1937 in Tallahassee, Florida to the late Abraham and Louise Moore. I have lived in New Haven, Connecticut for over 60 years. I am
the wife of Mr. Benny White and the mother of eight children, 26 grandchildren, 25 greatgrandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

I discovered that I had breast cancer in the early 1980s through a mammogram. The cancer was discovered in one breast on my left side.

I had laser surgery in 1984. The cancer was removed and I had a speedy recovery. I did not need radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

After a six-week checkup, there were no traces of Cancer.  To God Be the Glory!

I am now Cancer free. I still go every year for a mammogram and encourage all women to check themselves by doing a self-breast exam and by having a yearly mammogram.

Early detection is very important in the fight against breast cancer. It saves lives.