Rhonda Leonard

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2000. The shock that immediatelyengulfed my body numbed my thoughts. The doctor’s prognosis was met withdenial and rejection. “A second opinion”, I thought to myself… “yeah, that’s what I’lldo, I’ll get a second opinion. There has to be a mistake!”The second opinion showed a positive indicator as well.BREAST CANCER! I had often heard of it. I had even read about it on occasion, butto have it actually be my fate was totally different. I was devastated! “What will Ido? How do I tell my fiancee, and my family?” These were some of the questionsthat crowded my mind. I could hardly say the words myself. How could I ever bringmyself to tell the people that I loved the most that I had a life threatening disease?As a spiritual person, prayer and a personal relationship with God has brought methrough many struggles. I know that I would not have made it through otherwise. Soafter the tears, and the feelings of pain and sorrow, I remembered that relationship,and took comfort in it.It is amazing how life’s adversities can cloud your mind and cause you to doubt yourrelationship with God. Through continual prayer and study, I have gained knowledgeand understanding of God’s awesome power, and I know now that!