2024 Calendar Image
President – Dawn White- Bracey

President Message

Welcome and thank you for joining us for our 25th Calendar Unveiling.
When our first calendar was unveiled in the year 2000, my mother’s
vision was to have women be supported through their cancer diagnosis and to share their journeys with others in hopes of saving or extending lives. At that time 12 brave women laid their hearts on the line and told their stories of cancer discovery, acceptance, and timely treatment.

More than 300 women later, we are unveiling the 2024 Sisters’ Journey “Stories of Hope” calendar.

The concept started because so many women as natural nurturers kept things like illness undercover, not always as a secret, but to not burden or disrupt the lives of their loved ones. But because of my mother’s vision, breast cancer survivors have broken their silence to protect their loved ones, not so much from worry but perhaps from enduring a journey like the ones they had endured themselves. Sisters’ Journey protects
through education, empowerment, and encouragement.

My mother, Linda White-Epps, lost her battle with breast cancer 20 years ago, and I miss her more than can ever be imagined. Five years prior to her passing, she founded this amazing organization, which I could not be prouder to represent. The members of this organization and the community have not let my mother’s passing be in vain, as we strive to save lives everyday with her mantra of “Be an advocate of your own body,” encouraging women to take advantage of early detection screenings, empowering them to do their self-breast exams and educating them to make sure they get ultrasounds when they are told
they have dense breasts.

Peace and blessings.
Dawn White-Bracey