Marta Vega

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when I went in for my annual mammogram checkup (I had skipped it in 2012). I didn’t feel a lump, but one was spotted in my test.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2013. I felt that I needed to get a second opinion to determine my options. The test results were the same and the doctor recommended chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. At that time, I was stunned and in denial. I felt my life was over. I thought of my two younger children and what I would do now. I decided to go ahead with my treatment.

On March 14, 2014, I began chemotherapy. At that time, I tried not to be depressed because that was not going to help. The most difficult part of the treatment was the chemotherapy. 
I had to deal with the side effects – body aches, nausea, swollen feet, fatigue, dark skin tone and diarrhea. I was able to manage these effects with prescriptions and over-thecounter

When my hair started to fall out, I decided to shave it all off because I wanted to take control of the cancer, not let the cancer control me. This made me feel better.

During the chemotherapy treatment at the office of Dr. Andrea Silber, I met her wonderful staff and other patients who helped me a lot. I needed to keep a positive attitude to help with the process and to keep my chin up to fight this cancer.

There were times I felt I was not getting enough support. However, as time passed, I realized that there were family, friends and coworkers that did care and were very helpful
throughout my journey.

On September 16, 2014, I had lumpectomy surgery. It went well. The pathology results came back with no cancer cells. The chemotherapy really worked! It was then that
I felt I got my life back.

I completed radiation therapy in December 2014. Currently, everything is going well.

The key words throughout this journey have been “faith and a positive attitude.” Thanks to the Lord. 

I want to thank everyone who supported me:  family, friends, and coworkers; Yale Smilow Hospital and the St. Raphael’s Campus and their staff; Dr. Andrea Silber and                                                  Dr. Barbara Ward.