Carmay Seaberry

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I am a happy native of New Haven, Connecticut, and I’m humble to be selected for the 2003 Sisters’ Journey calendar.

In September 1953, I had a benign cyst removed from my left breast. Although everything was perfect, I often wondered if I would develop breast cancer.

I schedule my annual mammograms each year in January, around my birthday. In January 2001 the mammogram report indicated further testing. A stereotactic biopsy was immediately done. Results showed cancer in my left breast. My specialists were excellent in explaining procedures and options. Their positiveness gave me courage. Because of my faith in God, the prayers from my church, family and friends, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be fine.

I had my operation on April 25, 2001. Thank God for my miraculous recovery! I received wonderful care from all my health care providers – Nina Horowitz, M.D., surgeon, Zeno Chicarilli, M.D., D.M.D., plastic surgeon of Yale New Haven Hospital, and Andrea Silber, M.D., Medical Oncology of the Hospital of St. Raphael.

Six weeks of chemotherapy are all behind me and I am happy to say I have been cancer free a year and a half. Praise God for my blessings.

Special thanks to my husband, Tucker, my son, Tyrone, and a dear friend, Fannie, for their support.

TO ALL OF US – A Path Of Faithfulness

We walked together on our journey, a path of faithfulness.

I stumbled, fell, and cried. But, you were there, Lord, at our side.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all our medical crew in bringing us through.

We’ve survived, survived, and survived.

Oh! How the birds sing so naturally and our flowers are blooming just beautifully.

As we stroll through the park, let’s stop! And look around us, What do we see.

But a beautiful world, yes, a beautiful world for all of us.