Corris Smith

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I am a New Haven, Connecticut resident employed by the Hospital of St. Raphael. I am the mother of one child.  Her name is Melody.

In March of 1996, I noticed that I was having trouble sleeping on my stomach. My breast felt uncomfortable. I have done self-breast exams for years and found nothing.

One day getting out of the shower, I decided to lay on my side and examine my breast from under my armpit and work my way around. That’s when I found the lump on the left side of my breast. I called my doctor and told him I needed to have a mammogram. After the mammogram, the radiologist did an ultrasound. He suggested that I see a surgeon right away.

When you are going through major events in your life, I believe the Lord sends angels to help you. Dr. T. Ponn was one of them. She performed my Lumpectomy for what she said was an aggressive type of cancer. She referred me to Dr. Silber who suggested I needed six months of chemo and six weeks of radiation. Everyone at the Hospital of St. Raphael cancer center was very caring.

Through my treatment, my mother and sister took care of my baby all day, bringing her home at night, after being feed, washed and in pajamas, ready for bed. I thank God for my family and co-workers who helped me through.

To all my angels, I thank you.