Helen P. Moore

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I am 64 years old and have been married to James for 44 years. We have four children, Troy, Roy, Bernard, and Terras. I work for the Senior Companion Program and like my job a lot because I like to help people.

I had cancer in the year of 1993. I was at work when I got the pain and I called my doctor and he said I must come into the office. I did and he performed a biopsy. He told me to go home. He called to tell me I had cancer the same day.

I am proud to be a survivor for eight years. God brought me this far because I am faithful. I did not have to take radiation or chemotherapy. You know God was my help through my lumpectomy. I am very glad to be able to say that I am doing well now, with the help of my husband and children, my sister, friends and family.