Maya Mertindale

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2015 a lump in my right breast. At that very moment I knew my life would be changing. Dr. Kopel immediately scheduled me for an imaging test that eventually lead to a biopsy.

Two weeks later I was sitting in the Breast Cancer Center at Smilow Hospital and learned I was diagnosed with Stage 2A Breast Cancer. The cancer had originated in my milk ducts and was hormone (ER) positive.

After meeting with a team of doctors that would be involved in my journey and who collectively would develop a tailored-made plan for me, I was mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to fight. My initial treatment consisted of eight rounds of chemotherapy that was designed to first shrink my tumor. Then on
April 9, 2013, I had a mastectomy with Trans Flap reconstructive surgery. Following that and after giving my body time to recover, I started 13 radiation treatments in July.

Cancer definitely changed my life. My faith was tested but I knew that my circumstance was not my conclusion and my God was not finished with me yet.

With the support from my immediate family, church family, and friends, I can say the journey I initially expected was not my reality
and I am forever grateful.


“Sometimes the things we can’t change ends up changing us”