Tym Brennan

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I am a native of Thailand and am employed by Chase Bank. I am a graduate of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and hold a Masters degree from Fairfield University. I reside in Shelton, Connecticut with my husband, Bob. We have two daughters, Malissa and Kay.

The thought of contracting breast cancer never really entered my mind. There is no history of breast cancer in my biological family and I always thought that Asian women had a low rate of cancer. So, I thought I was safe. I didn’t realize the importance of having a mammogram done on a regular basis.

Last fall, I had my first mammogram done in three years. The radiologist told me there was evidence of pleomorphic microcalcification on my left breast and recommended a biopsy of the area. The result was ductal carcinoma.  I was shocked and frightened.

I met with Dr. Mary Pronovost, who explained my condition and scheduled me for a lumpectomy in November. I had a second lumpectomy done the following month as a precaution. In January, I underwent radiation therapy which left me tired and sore, but otherwise there were no complications.

I was very nervous when I went for my six-month followup mammogram, but was so relieved when the doctors told me there appeared to be no further problem.

In October 2002, I had my one-year anniversary mammogram and there was no radiographic evidence of malignancy.  Thankfully, all is well and I am cancer-free.

The most difficult part about being diagnosed with breast cancer is the fear and uncertainty that comes along with it. It is a condition that cannot be faced alone.

I’m most thankful that I have a strong family support group to help me through the crisis. My sister-in-law, Dr. Barbara Sager, was especially instrumental in helping me to decipher the medical terminologies and to understand my treatment options.

I also would like to thank Chase Bank my employer, and my co-workers for their support and understanding through the difficult times.

I was so fortunate to have my mammogram when I did. The cancer was caught just in time before it could