Beryl Welcome

In June of 2006, I went for my annual check-up and the doctor told me it was also time to get my annual mammogram. This I did and when I went back to the doctor for my results, he told me my mammogram was positive on the left breast.

I went to my surgeon who told me she saw some spots in my right breast, but she was not too concerned. My daughter said that she was concerned and insisted I get a second opinion. I did and was told I should have a biopsy on the right breast. I did and it turned out to be positive.

My daughter insisted that I have both breasts operated on at the same time. God has blessed me with a long life. I am 82 years old. I was treated with Arimedex and I stopped taking it in May 2009. I will now only have to see my doctor once a year.

My advice to everyone is to eat right, laugh and exercise. Time is precious; treasure your family and friends. Also remember, Faith in God will help you, if you only ask and believe. I did, and my doctors tell me: I am now cancer free!


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