Betty Greene

“O Give Thanks unto the Lord for He is good for His Mercy Endureth Forever” – Psalms 136:1

Praise God!

My name is Betty Greene. I love teaching, working with children and volunteer programs. I was employed for 32 years with the New Haven Board of Education and I continue to volunteer with RSVP.

My favorite scripture is: Psalms 136:1 “O Give Thanks unto the Lord for He is good for His Mercy Endureth Forever”.

On December 30, 2005, I went in for my annual mammogram. I have always done self exams and have never felt or discovered anything unusual. During the examination a shadow showed up on the x-ray. The technician recommended an ultrasound, which was done during the same appointment. After viewing the ultrasound, my primary doctor, Dr. William Crede, scheduled an appointment for me to meet with a breast cancer specialist, Dr. Donald Lannin, whom recommended a needle biopsy. When the results came in, his suspicions were confirmed – I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I didn’t realize how much this news would change my life. I was devastated, but my spirit was calm. My girlfriend was with me, I did not know how I was going to discuss the results with her, so I didn’t at that time. I went home, cried, prayed and called my children. My daughter came right over and took me to church with her. I received special prayer and a prayer cloth which I placed on the breast where the cancerous tumor was found, believing God for healing.

I consulted with my surgeon, Dr. Lannin, a charming good natured person who I believe God ordained for my situation. He explained the different options of surgery and scheduled me to visit with a plastic surgeon so that I could make a decision that was best for me. I talked with my family and spiritual leader before making my choice. I choose to have a mastectomy.

On February 27, 2006, 1 underwent four hours of surgery to remove a lobular carcinoma tumor (3cm) and three lymph nodes, following with 16 weeks of chemotherapy treatments (May-August). I experienced many different emotions and physical changes during/after my cancer treatment. Dr. Lannin, my oncologist, Dr. Masa Abu-Khalaf and her assistant Michelle gave me plenty of helpful information about cancer and cancer treatment.

I thank God for all my doctors, nurses, friends, family, spiritual leaders and supporters. My son-in-law Charles is heaven sent. He escorted me, making sure I was at all of my appointments and treatments meanwhile taking notes to be sure I would not forget anything the doctors were saying.

As of March 21, 2007 -1 am cancer free! Praise be to God!


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