Bettye L. Green

I was taking a shower and found a lump in the upper part of my breast, close to the center (sternum). I wasn’t worried because cancer lumps are often found in the upper left quadrant of the breast. I knew this from being a nurse. But I went to the doctor anyway. The first reading of my mammogram was negative. However, my family doctor said, “I want another doctor to see you.”

So, during my lunch break I went to see a friend who is a surgeon and had an exam performed. He immediately said it was cancer and that the cancer had spread to my lymph node. My life changed forever with that diagnosis. I went from being a cardiac specialty nurse to national breast cancer advocate. I wanted women to know they are not alone with this disease and I wanted to find a cure.

I am presently fighting to save African American women with breast cancer through the works of People of Color Supporting Clinical Trials and Research.


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