Carolyn M. Mack

I am a resident of Meriden, Connecticut. A mother of one beautiful daughter, Carol A. Mack, and the grandmother of twin grandsons, Stepfan and Shawn. I am employed at Bob’s Stores, Inc. corporate headquarters of Meriden for the last fifteen years. I am a member of Cross Street A.M.E. Zion Church under the pastorship of Rev. Moses L. Harvill and First Lady Eledia Harvill. I am an active member of the Chancellor and Combined Choirs. I am also a missionary.

I found out that I had Cancer when I went for my yearly physical, which includes a mammogram. That is when a lump was discovered in my right breast. An ultrasound was ordered to verify the finding. When it was verified I was devastated.

I always believe in God, in all ways. I also know that I am at high risk of having breast cancer. I know this because my mother had breast cancer and had to have a total mastectomy, with the removal of lymph nodes and muscles at the age of 34 years old. After all this, she survived her ordeal for 30 years or more. I knew in my heart there is hope.

I had to go through surgery and 26 sessions of radiation therapy. With continuous prayers from my Pastor, family, friends and co-workers and with me standing in faith in God, I knew I would recover from my bout with cancer. I am a two and one half-year survivor. The word, cancer, no long scares me, for I am blessed.

Therefore, being blessed, I try to spread the word verbally by phone. Person to person, friend to foe, I want to tell women to Get your mammogram! For those too young to get mammogram, Do your self-examinations! It is very important. That’s what I learned from this experience and by helping with the Tell-a-Friend project with the American Cancer Society.


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