Crystal Morton

“My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth” – Psalm 121:2

Crystal’s story is a little different than those who are honored in this calendar. Her story will be told in the second person by her sister Gail because Crystal is mentality challenged.

My name is Crystal Morton and I am a native of New Haven, Connecticut.

Crystal’s story began in 1992 when she went for a mammogram because of the hormonal therapy she was receiving. Her test results showed abnormalities which lead to her having a biopsy of her right breast. After further testing it was revealed that Crystal had breast cancer. Her right breast and lymph nodes were removed followed by Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.

During this time Crystal remained strong and soft spoken while dealing with a health situation that was not easy for her to articulate. In 1998 Crystal faced another emotional battle, the loss of her mother. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that again there were abnormalities in her x-rays resulting in another series of radiation treatments.

During this time Crystal never complained and was always smiling. She continued to work at Gravy Master, a company that provides employment through Easter Seals Goodwill in New Haven. It has been noted that Crystal is one of their best employees. If you ask her what she likes best about her job, she will answer: “Making my own money!” Crystal likes to shop and keep her hair well groomed so when her hair started to come out due to her cancer treatments we had to become very creative with her hair because see did not wear scarves or hats as fashion statements.

In 2006 Crystal again was diagnosed with breast cancer. This time it was her left breast and a mastectomy was preformed and reconstructive surgery was later preformed with no success due to infection. But through it all Crystal has remained positive, strong and never once has she ever complained or felt sorry for herself.

When I asked her how she felt about her cancer, Crystal would respond: “I just want it gone!”

That being said, she has not had any new occurrences of cancer. Being her older sister I am very proud of Crystal. She has shown me that if you never give up and remain steady on course you can have a happy and productive life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have traveled with Crystal on this journey. The staff and residents of Ellsworth House were Crystal lives. Her team of doctor’s were Dr. Monaco, Primary Care, Dr. McLaughlin, Breast Surgeon, Dr. Reilly, Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Katz, Oncologist who have treated Crystal with dignity and respect, my husband James who has been by our side from the very beginning.

Most of all we would like to thank God for His goodness and tender mercy.


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