Dana Green

May 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a lump in one of my breast weeks earlier during my monthly self exams. At the time, I had yet to be scheduled for my first mammogram. I shared the news with my family and a few close friends and then turned to my spiritual leaders/family for guidance and support. With prayers and support received from my natural and spiritual families, and my strong spiritual background, I knew I would be all right and would recover fully.

I received chemotherapy treatments both before and after surgery along with several weeks of radiation thereafter. After a long year of tests, blood draws, treatments and doctor visits, I received a good report – in May 2005, after my second mammogram, no signs of cancerous cells were found in my entire body (Praise God!)

I can attest, without the tremendous support from my natural/ spiritual family, friends, co-workers and an excellent team of health professionals, I wouldn’t have made it through the process of doctor visits, treatment, surgery, therapy and healing.

My mission is to give back by being a supportive friend and love one to those that have yet to travel the road that I traveled. I met people along the way who have encouraged, supported and unselfishly shared their own experiences.Therefore, I want to use my experience with breast cancer to be a positivesource of information for others.

I would like to share one of my favorite quotes: “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!


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