Donna Walker

I was born in Montgomery, Alabama, to Wiley and Josephine Boyd, but have lived in New Haven since I was nine months old. I feel like New Haven is really my home. I have one brother and five sisters, having one that succumbed to breast cancer this year. I have been blessed with three daughters: Evelyn, Sharlise and Alicia, and four grandchildren.

I began my journey on October 24, 2004 when I discovered fluid in both of my breasts. After composing myself, I immediately called my doctor to schedule an appointment. Upon securing one, I went to St. Raphael Hospital for an examination. The doctor there told me I needed a mammogram, so I was given one for the next day.

After coming in and having the mammogram, they informed me that I had cancer in the right breast. After receiving this news, I felt like time had stopped and I was waiting for someone to wake me. It felt like I heard the diagnosis, yet didn’t. The doctor told me I would need surgery to remove my right breast.

After having four surgical procedures, a mastectomy was performed on, my right breast. I finally started chemotherapy at the Father McGivney Cancer Center, which is a part of St. Raphael. Because of numerous complications, I didn’t do well with the chemotherapy treatments so it was stopped.

The doctor scheduled me for radiation therapy which I endured for the next six weeks. Well, time really flies when you’re having fun! Now, it’s about one year later (October 2006 to be exact). I have finally completed my radiation therapy. I know there times when we say, “Lord, why me”! Or, “how this could happen to me, what did I do to deserve this?” What’s your answer?

Lord, thank you for my mother Josephine, my aunts Pearl and Thelma Boyd, my fill-in transportation partner Celestine, and my daughter Evelyn who was always there to keep me focused. Well one year later I’m here to let you know that there is a Tomorrow and for that reason alone let me thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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