Dorethea Daniley

I am a 21-year cancer survivor. I initially discovered the problem in June of 1981. I awoke one morning to find a lump in my left breast. This was a result of self-examination. I went to see a physician. Immediately after he examined me, he recommended that I see a surgeon. I called my head nurse to give me the name of a good surgeon. She recommended Dr. Vazrick Mansourian. He knew how upset I was. He gave me an appointment immediately. He assured me it was a cyst.

I went to have it removed. When I went for my follow up appointment, he said it was a cyst. But then he told me he saw a mass and he biopsied it. The sad news – it was cancer. He advised me to get a mastectomy as soon as possible.

After a couple of weeks, my mother called me from North Carolina. Then, my doctor called to advise me to have a bilateral mastectomy. I cried, but decided to have it since I was having reconstruction. I thank God for the decision because I had cancer in both breasts.

I give thanks to Bishop H. D. Bordeaux, who was there when I was admitted into the hospital. His prayers took away all fears. Also, I was blessed to have my mother, then later Mother Glennie Mae Chambers who came up from North Carolina to sit with me day and night; also the late Pastor John T. Daniley Sr., all of my family and friends far and near. They gave me all their love and prayers.

Women, keep up your yearly doctor’s visits.  If trouble arises, it’s not how you will die with cancer, but how you live with the condition.

I give honor, glory, and all praise to God. I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears. (Psalms 34:4)


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