Eleanor Birt Caldwell

Jesus you’re the center of my Joy! All that’s good and perfect comes from you. You’re the joy of my salvation, Hope for all I do Jesus you’re the center of my joy.Through the grace of God I have survived cancer for more than 13 years.

My name is Eleanor Caldwell. I have two sons, Bill and Bruce. My husband died on March 30, 1988. On that day I lost my very best friend. Another significant event in my life occurred on a snowy day in February, 1991. I had just settled down with a book and with my dog Teddy in my lap, when I felt a strong dull burning sensation in my left breast. The pain seemed to last forever. When the pain subsided I performed a self exam. I discovered a small lump.

I wasted no time in consulting with my primary physician, who referred me to a wonderful, very capable surgeon. My surgeon explained in detail what was going on inside of my body. He advised me to what my options were. I opted for radical mastectomy.

After my surgery I was informed by my surgeon that I would not need any after surgery treatment. However, he did stress the importance of a sensible eating regiment, exercise and most important an annual mammogram. He also stressed the importance of taking the time to regularly perform self examinations.


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