Elsie Bright

My name is Elsie Bright and I live in Hamden, Connecticut. My husband and I have been married for thirty-seven years. I have two daughters, two sons, and eleven grandchildren.

I had been performing self-exams regularly. I had this nagging ache at the top of my left breast. But, at the time, my mother was suffering from stomach cancer. I put my pain on hold for three years. When my mother passed away, I noticed that nagging ache again. So, I decided to have it checked out.

After I had a biopsy performed in 1986, I was now known as a cancer patient. The cancer was removed. I went through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After that, I was found cancer free for ten years.

In 1996, cancer returned in my right breast and I’m still dealing with breast and lung cancer.

But, with God’s help as always, this too will become a part of my past. As with all


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