Ernestine Jackson

My name is Ernestine (Tina) Jackson. I was born on February 23, 1950 to Charlie and Lena Green of Pitt County, North Carolina.  I spent most of my early years in North Carolina and later moved to Boston, Massachusettswith my cousin Patricia.

It was while living in Boston that I visited another cousin in New Haven, Connecticut.  There I met my future husband. I was at the Elks Club in New Haven when I first met Louis Jackson, a bass player in the band,Julius & the Soul Corruptors.  Later that year (1970) we were married and settled in West Haven, Connecticut wherewe raised four daughters, Nancy Marie Green, Cora Shantel Jackson, Janice Jackson, and Raquel M. Jackson Moore.

I spent most of the early years of my marriage as a stay at home mother, and the key care giver to my daughter, Cora who was born with Spina Bifida, and my three other daughters. I also did the accounting and payroll for my husband’s Janitorial Company, Jackson Janitorial Service. After the children were in their teens I beganworking at Bradlees in Orange, Connecticut.   Bradlees became a family trend as all four of my daughters worked there during their teen years before going on to other jobs or college.

In 1998, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had a Mastectomy in September of that year and began chemotherapy after my surgery. What made the situation so difficult was that I had to continue caring for mydisabled daughter as well as deal with all of the complications and emotions of having Breast Cancer at the same time. No matter how difficult things became I never gave up or stopped taking care of my family.

I am now a 14 year Breast Cancer Survivor. I have four adorable grandchildren. I like nothing better than visiting with them and sharing with them my potato salad, collard greens, ribs, and baked macaroni and cheese.Yes, I am a survivor in every sense of the word.


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