Geraldine McDuffie-Brown

“I took the news with faith that I would be alright”

On September 19, 2003, I was scheduled for a mammogram. The mobile came from Stamford, Connecticut to the RTCC for the day. RTCC is connected to P. L. Dunbar School’s community center. I thought I would try them. I usually go to Advanced Radiology each year. As a matter of fact, this took place on my birthday.

About two weeks later I received a letter for a repeat mammogram. The first showed abnormalities in the right breast. I did not have any lumps in the breast. Cells had to be magnified to be truly identified. The repeat was done. I was then contacted by my doctors and they recommended a biopsy to analyze the cells. The results were that I had cancer of the right breast. A lumpectomy was done and then radiation, which didn’t help. I finally had a mastectomy on December 20, 2003. Thank God I didn’t have to have chemotherapy, only Tamoxifen. My cells were so tiny they had to be magnified to be identified. My doctor was surprised at my reaction. I took the news with faith that I would be alright. God was on my side. Reconstruction was conducted on my right breast which called for more surgery to reduce the left breast for symmetry.

I continued having my mammograms and in October 2006 I was diagnosed with the same type of cells in my left breast. A repeat procedure was done and a simple mastectomy followed. Thank God I am medication free and reconstruction I did without. I praise God for his healing hand today because if it wasn’t for him on my side where would I be? I know my God is good.

For the last 20 years, I have taught for the Bridgeport Board of Education as a social studies teacher at P. L. Dunbar School. My focus has been to establish clear expectations for students and provide academically rigor curriculum in order for students to understand and assure they can articulate what they have learned.

I give thanks to all who help me along the way as I traveled this journey.


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