Janie (Amy) Johnson

My name is Janie (Amy) Johnson, and I would like to share my story with you.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1991 after having a routine mammogram. I was very frightened. I was forty-four years old at the time. I didn’t have any answers and I didn’t know which direction to take; but with the help of my primary care doctor and my oncologist, I was able to make a sound and informative decision regarding my treatment.

My treatment consisted of surgery and six months of chemotherapy.

My husband, Glenn and my sons, Gregory and Andre were there every step of my treatment and recovery. They made sure that I got to all of my appointments and gave me the emotional support needed in that most difficult time.

To God, I will give all the praise and glory for helping me and my family to endure this process. I want to encourage all women to do a monthly self-examination, and to see their doctor for an annual check up. I feel so blessed to live to see my grandson, Andrew.

I am a survivor!


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