Jennifer Marshall-Nealy


probably be two important things: FIRST, take control of your own health by talking to several medical professionals, and SECOND, do your research, ask questions and try to remain positively focused. Remember it is your body.

I was an athlete and a fitness fanatic most of my life. Track and field is my favorite sport although I enjoy participating in a variety of sports. Let me share that I have never smoked a cigarette, never consumed any alcohol in my entire life, and never engaged in the use of any controlled substances. I did not have any history of breast cancer in my immediate family. So, I was feeling pretty good about my health.

In 2009, when I discovered a lump in my right breast, I immediately scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician. He did an exam and said: “Well, you’re an athlete who works out a lot. Physically you’re in good shape, and it is probably just muscle, there is no need for concern.” This doctor did not recommend having a mammogram, nor any further checkups related to this lump. Something didn’t seem accurate and I was not going to accept that. I scheduled an appointment at UCONN Medical, where I had a mammogram, an ultrasound, a consultation with the doctor, and my oncology journey began. I was diagnosed with “noninvasive breast cancer” meaning that the abnormal cells are contained in the milk ducts of the breast and lack the ability to spread to surrounding tissue or elsewhere in my body. I simply wanted the cancer gone. I wanted the lump gone and I would do whatever it took to make that happen. My body endured radiation therapy, biopsies, surgery, more biopsies, a variety of pills to combat cancer, and eventually a lumpectomy.

I made numerous visits to a cardiologist who discovered that my heart had abnormalities as well, and he performed an angiogram. My body was not well. During my journey, I learned that I had several grapefruit-sized cysts that showed cancer cells (I asked for pictures of these cancerous cysts). After having a complete hysterectomy, my doctor gave the pictures to me and explained what was going on  inside of my body.

I started going to another doctor who treated me with glutathione injections. [Glutathione injections or glutathione IV therapy is the single most direct way to enhance glutathione serum levels in the body.) My journey with cancer was the start of a new journey in my life.

Today, I am cancer-free! I am a Councilwoman for the town of Bloomfield, Conn. In 2017, I ran for election in the democratic primary. I won the primary election with numbers that had never been achieved in the history of Bloomfield.

No matter what you encounter during your own journey, only surround yourself with positive-behaving people. During my journey with cancer, I only wanted folks who could share a good joke or tell me something laughable to come around. I went from size 4 pants to size double 00. I laughed about that too. Today, I have the scars from my surgery. I have a terrific new primary care physician, and I have no signs of cancer. My perspective on life’s circumstances is more positive than ever!

Every single day, I am thankful for my journey.


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