June Redmond Smith

My name is June Redmond-Smith. Shortly after celebrating my 44th birthday, a routine mammogram in October 2004 proved to be quite disturbing. There was an irregularity in the report and the examining physician asked me to go for further testing. Further testing was arranged and those tests confirmed cancer cells in my left breast.

On February 2, 2005 my husband and I checked into the medical facility in preparation for surgery to my left breast. The medical reports indicated a lump. A lumpectomy was performed and, following the surgery, I would undergo six weeks of radiation treatment.

Monday through Friday for six weeks I would report to the Yale Cancer Treatment Center for daily treatments. I thank God for the medical  professionals and the team that performed the surgery, and also for the support following the surgery. I also thank God for my dear friend, D. Christine Johnson, who heard the words of my surgeon, Dr. Theresa Ponn, when my husband and I couldn’t hear nor comprehend what was being told to us.

I am one of 12 children, in addition to my parents and siblings. God has blessed me with a loving husband Jack Smith, four sons, Adrian, Alex, Kevin and Devin, and in-laws Willie and Nona Smith as well as a host of loving people to share this journey called “Life”. I am thankful for each of you for your unconditional love.

When asked ”How did you do it?” I can only reply, “I didn’t do it, God did it”. He is my refuge, He is my strength, He is everything, and in Him will I trust!


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