Kathleen Merritt

My name is Kathleen L. Merritt. I am a native and resident of East Hartford, Connecticut. I am 62 years young and the proud mother of 4 children, Unique, Joseph, David and Gregory. I also am the grandmother of 13 grandchildren whom I love very much.

My journey began in the year 2000. I had a lump in my right breast for quite some time. My doctor and I were monitoring it very closely. Because it was benign and not growing, I chose not to have it removed at that time. As I was examining myself one day, I notice that the lump seemed larger than usual. I immediately phoned my doctor to have it checked again.

After an examination, my doctor recommended that I make an appointment with my surgeon. The diagnosis was breast cancer.After all options were given to me, my decision was to immediately have surgery. From there was chemotherapy and then radiation. My journey to recovery had begun with a bang. It was frustrating and always very tiring. But, with strength and commitment I made it through.

I am now in my fifth year as a cancer survivor. Without the support of my family, especially my daughter Unique, who accompanied me to my appointments; my twin sister Maureen; and my dear, dear friends, Pat, Lou and Marybell, my journey would have been much, much, harder.


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