Kathy Matthews-Barbour

Nineteen ninty-nine was a devastating year for me. I lost My Friend, My Hero, and My Mom, Mary Santos Matthews-Sullivan who died May 26, 1999. While still grieving my mother’s death, I discovered a lump in my right breast.

My name is Kathy Matthews-Barbour. I have two loving sons Jermaine and Shawn. Also, the proud grandmother of Jermaine, JR. After discovering the lump, I called my physician, Joel Silidker, who is a magnificent physician as well as a person. He scheduled an ultrasound. Yes, it was malignant, a biopsy confirmed it. He then called Dr. Nina Horowitz and setup up my surgery for a lumpectomy.

I had 12 weeks of radiation at the Father McGinvey Cancer Center under the care of Dr.Robert Sinha. Through the grace of god and many prayers, I made it through. I thank God for the love and support of my loving husband Charles R. Barbour, family, and friends who continued to lift my spirits and give me encouragement. I continue to have checkups every six months along with self examinations.

I want to thank a dear friend for all her love and support who has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Our Lord and Savior had not brought us this far to leave us now. It is crucial for women, especially African American women to be an advocate of their bodies. The Lord is my Shepard!


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