Kimberly Spell

Hi, my name is Kimberly Spell, and I found out I had cancer in 2008 after giving birth to my daughter. During pregnancy, I noticed a raisin size lump in my breast when I was carrying her. Since I had always had cystic breasts, I did not think it was that unusual. However, after I gave birth, it grew to be the size of a walnut or small plum, and I decided to have it checked out by a doctor.

I later learned that my hormones were feeding this tumor and that is why it had grown so large so fast. The fact that in 2000 my grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result had her breast completely removed with a mastectomy, made me aware of that possibility – that I might have breast cancer. At the age of 35, to find out you have cancer was, wow!!!!

The doctor talked to me about removing part of my breast. I then had to think about having half a breast with the chance of this tumor coming back. I chose to have a mastectomy and removed my right breast. The chemotherapy, which lasted four months, was very hard on my body. I had allergic reactions (rash) every session. As of May 2010 I was done with chemotherapy and then had to wait for the surgery to reconstruct my breast. That occurred in August 2010, and as I write this, am now in recovery and continue to heal.

I cannot say that I am completely happy with the results. But I know that I am a survivor and that I have much to live for, especially my three daughters who are eleven, eight and two years old.


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