Monica Johnson


on my bout with breast cancer, it was a chapter in my life where God was showing me upfront and personally that he was guiding my steps. I am thankful for his continual Grace and Mercy over my life. With unwavering faith, I was truly blessed in knowing that our miracle working God would carry me through the process. I’ve been blessed to be married to a very supportive, loving and prayerful husband for 10 years and have one beautiful, amazing 8-year-old daughter who I am very proud of. They are both a blessing to me and I knew I had to fight this fight like no other. I knew there was no time to contemplate anything negative.

I went for my annual breast exam on August 3, 2021. As in previous exams, I was told that I have dense breast tissue and would have to come back for an ultrasound. This was the first year that I actually thought about canceling the ultrasound appointment due to repetitiveness. But since I always dot my i’s and cross my t’s, I moved forward with the appointment. The ultrasound on September 13 revealed a 6 mm irregular asymmetry in the left breast with a high suspicion for malignancy. I was given the information and told I would need to set up an appointment for a guided ultrasound and biopsy. On September 27, I went to Yale Smilow Cancer Center for one of the most uncomfortable, awkward, but necessary procedures of my life, but I made it through. On Thursday, September 29, after fishing around on MyChart for results throughout the night and not fully understanding what I was reading, I received the call with the full impact of the prognosis of my diagnosis… Cancer: Invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast. ER: Positive (95%,3+); PR: Positive (95%,3+); Her2: Negative (1+)

Before I could think or fully process what I had just been told, I went into immediate prayer over my left breast, my life and my family. Once I was satisfied, I picked the phone up and called Dr. Niamey Wilson, breast surgeon at Hartford Healthcare’s Midstate Hospital. I was told there were no appointments; but when I was asked to hold, I went into prayer again. When they returned, I was given an appointment. I knew my process would be led by God’s grace and mercy…

“God is Good.”

In the first meeting with Dr. Wilson, I was told my options, and that what was going on with my breast was fixable. After several more exams, a failed MRI attempt (claustrophobic) and a Montrast Mammogram, I was given the option of a nipple sparing mastectomy of the left breast with insertion of an implant. After meeting with Dr. Brian Allen, plastic surgeon at Hartford HealthCare, I expressed my concerns of a recurrence and was given the option of a double mastectomy. On November 10, I went in for my first surgery, which was a success. I left the next day with temporary spacers in both breasts. The healing process took a couple of months and was not so bad. I had visiting nurses, plastic appointments, and a meeting with my now oncologist, Dr. Rajani Nadkarni at Hartford Healthcare who informed me that based on my blood work I would not need chemotherapy or radiation.

“To God Be the Glory!!!”

I kept a lot of positivity and peaceful thoughts around me at all times, because when going through a traumatic event I found it best to try to remain calm. Prayer and positivity were just what I needed to contain any anxiety that would attempt to fester. On February 2, 2022, I had my second and final successful surgery with Dr. Allen. Although I will have to take Tamoxifen (hormone blocker) for 5-10 years, my treatment is now completed and I could not be more grateful!!

September 23, 2023 will mark my two-year anniversary. I cannot be more thankful for this journey’s outcome. I feel so blessed when I look back on my way supporters, family and friends, coworkers, all who kept me in mind and prayed for me. God provided while I was out of work. I am thankful through it all that I was able to continue my studies and actually make the Dean’s List, and my daughter, who I was really concerned about her emotional state of mind, received Honors. In the midst of my journey God showed me how powerful and true to his word He can be!! By his stripes we are healed!!


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