Mozelle Myra Murray


I was raised in Harlem, New York.

In 1988, I relocated with my three children, LaFlor, Paul, and Vermont to New Haven, Connecticut. Early in life I dedicated my life to the Lord. I continually minister at Bread of Life Fellowship Center, doing a variety of works in God’s name, including community and prison ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. “All in one accord, one mind, one passion, one purpose.”

Three years ago at the age of 69, I noticed a pea size lump in my right breast. I dismissed it, assuming it was hormonal. Three months later, it seemed to have grown to almost the size of a golf ball. I immediately called my physician for an appointment. When the doctor examined me in the office she also felt the lump and set up appointments for a mammogram, ultrasound, and ultimately a biopsy.

Less than a week later I received the call. My doctor was very concerned about where I was and if I was alone. I insisted that the doctor please just tell me what she had found. I remember vividly, I was at work and I told myself I had to stay focused and positive, no matter what. It was confirmed I had Stage III breast cancer and it was aggressive. I remained calm. My thoughts were: “My God is going to bring me through this. He is an almighty healer.”

I started chemotherapy in October 2016, and continued for six grueling months. Its effects were traumatic. I lost my appetite, hair and fingernails. I also experienced nausea.  One month after I finished chemo, I prepared for surgery and had a mastectomy to remove my right breast.

Five weeks after my mastectomy I would begin radiation, five days a week for six weeks. Every step of my journey my Lord and Savior was by my side. My children walked the walk as well, especially my daughter, LeFlor, who took me to all my appointments. She never let me feel alone.

To my family, my church and friends, I am ever so grateful for your love and support and encouragement. My surgeon, Anees Chagpar, is remarkable. And Dr. Sarah Mougalian, my oncologist, guided me at such a difficult time in my life. Her expertise helped me to defeat this awful disease. To God Be the Glory, I am here and zero cancer free.

Ecclesiastes 7:8 

“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning of it, and the patient in
the spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”

I agree with this word of God. Amen.


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