Pearl Epps

I always went to the doctor before going on vacation. This time I felt a lump in the nipple of my left breast. I just knew it would go away. But, my gynecologist said that I had to go for further tests. It was cancer. I was not afraid. As a volunteer hostess in the cancer unit of the hospital in Champaign, Illinois, my job was to meet everyone at admissions.

All the staff knew me by first name. So I had V.I.P. status. The hospital staff explained everything and I was not afraid. My minister prayed to direct the hands of the surgeon. When it was over, there was no cancer in the lymph nodes and I did not need “chemo”. And I have never had a problem with that breast-period.

I was 70 then and now I have celebrated my 84 birthday. I know that being able to use the word “cancer” helps. I have had two bouts with the disease-the breast cancer and I had to have Hysterectomy also. But, I keep good insurance and see my doctors regularly.

“I know that being able to use the word “cancer” helps.”


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