Phyllis D. Bowen

I am a native of New Haven born March 31, 1936. I’ve lived in New Haven all my life except for two years when I resided in San Antonio, Texas. I have two children, Derrick and Danita.

On May 30, 2000 I had an appointment at the Yale Sports Center on Long Wharf for a previous shoulder operation. While there, I started having pains in my chest and back. I am also a heart patient. I’ve had three heart surgeries in the past. The Sports Center was aware of my heart problems and they didn’t hesitate to call an ambulance. I went to Yale New Haven Hospital where xrays and CAT scans discovered the cancer in my lymph nodes and lungs.

I’ve just completed six months of chemotherapy. I did not have radiation but my red cell count has been really low. So, I have to go every week for a shot which I received during my chemo to help control my red cell count.

My family has been very supportive and keeps a close eye on me and on my doctors. With the support of my children, my friends and my prayers to God, I have come a long way.


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