Rhonda Austin

Hello, my name is Rhonda Austin and this is my journey with breast cancer.

In July of 2006 I went to my OB-GYN doctor for a follow-up visit, and there in the front of my chart were the results of my mammogram and biopsy studies which were conducted in June of 2006. As a nurse, I felt compelled to look at my results when the technician left the office for a brief period. I was in shock as I read the words, “Mucinous Carcinoma.” I remembered the conversation I had with the nurse at Temple Radiology and her words, “The area in question is most likely benign,” came to my mind as I read that I have breast cancer.

I cried in the arms of my OB-GYN doctor. He then had me call a family member to come to get me. From this point, I met with the surgeon for a consultation that afternoon and planned out the treatment course. The recommended treatment consisted of having a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation therapy and a five-year course of the medication Tamoxifen.

The worst part was telling my kids, especially since they knew I had lost my mom to breast cancer in 1991.

Through prayer, my supportive family, good friends and the staff at the Father McGivney Center, I was able to withstand this journey. My message to any woman going through breast cancer would be to remember all of your support systems and embrace them.


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