Ruby McKnight Brunson

My name is Ruby McKnight Brunson and I am a native of South Carolina. I am the eighth of 11 brothers and sisters. I moved to Connecticut in 1974.

In August of 2001, I surprisingly noticed a lump in my breast, while I was visiting my mother. After returning home, I instantly called my doctor. He quickly made an appointment for a mammogram. The results of this mammogram showed the lump. After the results came in, I was scheduled for a biopsy. The results of the biopsy showed that the lump was malignant.

After the suspicions of my condition were confirmed, my doctor then scheduled me for surgery. After surgery came the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The road to recovery seemed to be a long, strenuous, and tiring journey.

With the support of my lovely husband, Solomon Brunson, my beautiful daughter, Rachel Brunson, and my loving family, I was able to pull through these trying times with my head held high. I also would like to thank my pastor, Rev. Donald R.A. Toussaint, and my church family for all the continued support and prayers. I would also like to send my most sincere thanks to all the doctors and nurses at the UCONN Medical Center and the Midstate Medical Center.

With the help of the Lord, this experience granted me a renewed faith in Christ Jesus. For this I give God all the praise and will continue to give God all the praises.


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