Verlessie Jackson

I relocated from Irvington, New Jersey to Hamden, Connecticut during the summer of 2000. Once I arrived, I searched for and found a new physician.

During my visits to update my records, the physician’s assistant insisted that I also make an appointment to get a mammogram. I didn’t get one at first. But good thing she was persistent!

One day I received a call to get my checkup. She insisted that I go. Thank God I listened this time! As a result, they found cancer at its  earliest stage in one breast.

However, since my sister Ada had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, I chose to get a double mastectomy. What a blessing as they found cancer in both breasts!

I advise everyone to get a mammogram every year. Don’t put anything in the way of your appointment! It’s been about nine years since I was diagnosed, and I thank God for everyday.


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