Vira Epps Brooks

I have a “Good Report!”I am Vira Epps Brooks, adopted daughter of Mr. George and Mrs. Mary Epps who gave meall I needed and some of what I wanted. I am also a mother and a grandmother. I am amember of Grace Apostolic World Wide Ministries led by Pastor William D. and First LadyDeborah Barlowe.When I was first diagnosed, I went to my pastor and asked what would God have me do?After prayer and meditation, he told me: “If I lift the pillow, Daddy God has the chair (If I domy part, God would have already taken care of the situation). I am celebrating 17 years as athree-time breast cancer survivor.My first diagnosis occurred on June 4, 1994. Through early detection, a tiny, very early-stagetumor, which surfaced as a pimple, was discovered. I immediately began to research myoptions. I chose surgery (lumpectomy), radiation and chemo. During this time in my life, Iwas raising three outstanding young men: James II, my oldest son; and the twins, Justin andJason. I promised them I would be at their graduations. We made it! Not only was I alive toattend their graduations, I also was at my oldest son’s wedding. I have held mygranddaughter, Journey, and I have watched many sunrises and sunsets.My second diagnosis was April 28, 2010. A second cancer was revealed behind my nippleduring an annual mammogram. This was a new cancer which the surgeon removed. It wasnot a relapse of the first cancer. After discussing options with my doctor I decided to havea bi-lateral mastectomy. It was then – July 14, 2010 – that the third breast cancer wasrevealed in my right breast.I am a sincere believer in “Divine Healing” – whether that healing comes directly from“Heaven” or via “Heaven-sent doctors.” I have been blessed to have had my same medicalteam for 17 years. I am very humbled and honored that I have been given multiplechances – multiple chances to share with my sisters. This is a “Sisters Journey.” We walkhand-in-hand. Whether via a hug; an encouraging word; a “hey girl, have you checked yourbreasts today? You really are someone very special and much needed.”Each day there is a “Kingdom assignment.” It’s my desire to fulfill that assignment with goodsuccess. Thanks be to My Daddy God. Thanks to all my Sisters who are helping me along onthis journey.


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