2023 Calendar Image

Welcome back!                                                                                                                                     

You are holding in your hands Sisters’ Journey’s Breast Cancer survivors’ calendar number 24

It feels good to celebrate 12 beautiful breast cancer survivors with you in person. It has been 2 very difficult years, but nothing stopped us from diligently working at advocating for good breast health and cancer awareness. We hosted our Mother Daughter Scholarship brunch this past May for the 1st time in several years, and it was beautiful, there is nothing like human interaction. We love to educate, encourage, and be empowered together.

Science and research can only speculate where cancer comes from, no one knows for sure, all we can do, is our best to be proactive, live a healthy lifestyle, be aware of our surroundings and learn from the experiences of others.

That is where Sisters’ Journey comes in, and the Art of Storytelling, and sharing experiences. Studies have shown that storytelling not only helps in the healing of the storyteller but that there are also benefits to those who read the story. Storytelling has the power to engage, influence, teach and inspire. We are extremely grateful to the 12 breast cancer survivors who have had the courage to share their cancer stories with us.

We have been able to learn so much from the survivors’ swift action at the point of feeling something, getting that unexpected cancer diagnosis and knowing that time is of the essence to save their lives. These women were brave in their fight, victorious in their results and as someone recently said to me there is “Glory in their Stories”.

Like my mother, Linda White-Epps, the founder, I find joy each step of the way, in people I meet as we pull this calendar together. I am so proud of the work we do and the people I am privileged to do it with, Thank you, to the Sisters’ Journey board of directors, the breast cancer survivors, the volunteers, the sponsors, and the community at large.

Peace and Blessings,

Dawn White-Bracey

President of Sisters’ Journey