2021 Calendar Image

Dawn & Dean

We are living in challenging times, when love and support is needed more then ever, even if we have to give it from a distance.
You are holding in your hands our 22nd calendar of 12 breast cancer survivors who experienced their share of love and support through their cancer diagnosis. Sometimes love and support comes from friends, family, and even the most unexpected places, but we all need it and hopefully we all can learn how to give it.
It was a personally challenging year for me. I lost my husband and friend for over 30 years. For me he taught me the true meaning of love and support. And he was as much a part of Sisters’ Journey as the board members and the survivors themselves.
My husband Dean Bracey was there from Day 1, from helping to nurse my mother through her own cancer diagnosis and participating in all her volunteer activities, to applauding the vision of Sisters’ Journey. And he has probably been to more Pink Teas then anybody else, only missing one. This is the first welcome letter I have written that I didn’t get a chance to review with him, so I apologize in advance if it is missing a little something.
Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus still on the rise, we are unable to come together in one room this year to celebrate our annual Pink Tea in our usual manner. However, that will not stop us from honoring, congratulating and celebrating the survival of 12 courageous women and recognizing and applauding their journey of survival through their stories being displayed in our 2021 Survivors Calendar.
I know if Dean were here he would as usual be at my side supporting me and Sisters’ Journey through this momentous occasion.
Love and Support is the foundation that this organization was built upon and when you read these women’s journeys you will see that their faith, their love of God and family, is what makes them not just survivors but
indeed “thrivers.”

Peace and Blessings,