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President’s Letter

Welcome to the 17th Annual Sister’ Journey Calendar unveiling!

I think as women we just naturally give so much of ourselves to others – our children, husbands, family and friends. We are naturally nurturing. Yet, it is encouraging when you meet women who take the time to be their own advocates and to take care of themselves. It is admirable to see women share one of the most difficult times of their lives in hopes of saving others, sometimes complete strangers.

So again, we introduce you to 12 women to admire. They are strong, courageous and selfless, as they share their breast cancer journeys with all of us.

Over the years we had the opportunity to meet many of these amazing women. Lasting bonds and friendships were formed. Consequently, it is so very devastating when those bonds are broken. This has been a difficult year for Sisters’ Journey. We lost four of our “Sister-friends.” While we mourn their loss, we also are so grateful for the time we have had with them – to appreciate their strength, to learn the lessons they have taught us about surviving graciously and to emphasize how early detection extended their lives. Pauline, Lucille, Mattie and Alberta will forever be in our hearts. This year we are proud to present a panel of speakers who will help us explore some of those life-extending practices for ourselves. Our panel includes a breast surgeon, a breast oncologist and researchers from the Yale School of Public Health. Hopefully the take-away from the discussions will leave you with a sense of urgency to make lifestyle changes, such as eating better, exercising more and taking advantage of breast cancer screening opportunities. Our hope is that you will be educated, empowered and encouraged.

As you join me in welcoming our 12 new friends, let’s also bring along the good memories of lost loved ones,
and strive to learn something new to help us all achieve a long healthy life going forward.

Peace and Blessings,

Dawn White-Bracey
President of Sisters’ Journey

  • Diane Goforth Doward's Photo

    My name is Diane Goforth Doward. I am 58 years old and I live in New Haven, Connecticut. I have been married for 13 years to John Doward. I am the mother of three adult children and one deceased son named George. I have eight beautiful grandchildren. …

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  • Dr. Kim Fletcher's Photo

    I used to arrogantly think I was the healthiest person I knew. I eat right, take my vitamins, exercise and was never overweight. I was the healthiest person in my crew – until I wasn’t!…

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  • Virginia Ginny Hodges's Photo

    My name is Virginia Hodges. Everyone calls me “Ginny.” I am a retired corrections officer for the state of Connecticut. I am the mother…

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  • Jennifer Morgan's Photo

    On July 29, 2000, my life changed. I had my annual mammogram in 1998 and the radiologist told me…

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  • Minister Rosa White's Photo

    My name is Rosa White. …

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  • Jennifer F. Johnson's Photo

    My name is Jennifer F. Johnson, born June 26 under the zodiac sign of “Cancer”, which represents strength and courage. …

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  • Yasmin Amico's Photo

    My name is Yasmin Amico – “Sweet Scented Flower Friend.” Like the Jasmine flower for which I was named…

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  • Deborah Rayon's Photo

    Hi. My name is Deborah Rayon and I discovered a lump on my right breast. It was a morning in October 2004 prior…

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  • Marta Vega's Photo

    My name is Marta Vega. I am the mother of three: Natasha (26), Johanyx (11) and Gian (9). My journey began in November of 2013…

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  • Judy Youins's Photo

    My name is Judy Youins. I am the mother of two, Aisha and Maurice. I am also a grandmother of two, Maurice (Mo) and Ashley. This is my journey with breast cancer. …

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  • Juanita Darnell Evans's Photo

    My name is Juanita Darnel Evans. I am 51 years old. At age 46 I was diagnosed with stage 1 (DCIS) breast cancer. I have a very strong faith in God and…

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  • Toni Alexis Walker's Photo

    My name is Toni Alexis Walker, single mother of three beautiful children. I am a breast cancer survivor!!…

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